Many people have water filter systems in their house, they always find that they are needing to add salt or some magic ingredients to make their water soft. There is now a system out there that can remove the salt adding and allow you to still enjoy a great sensation of both drinking water and also feeling a lot smoother while your showering. This new system called the "Filter Smart", will put your water worries to ease.

     The Filter Smart salt free system, works well at removing your hard water, allowing you to enjoy softer water without the mess of reloading salt into your system, this system has a really good track record of helping others, the company provides information stating that this system will reduce hard water by 99%. Others that are using this system also mention that the odor of salt does not exist with this system as if you were to be adding your own salt you would have to deal with an odor.

     The way to upkeep your Filter smart free system is rather easy, all you need to do is change out your filter every 8-10 months to get the best use out of the system, again this is a lot easier than carrying bags of salt. Another upkeep benefit of using the filter system is that your not going to see the extensive corrosive wear and tear on your piping system throughout the house as this water is softer and not having all the sediment travel with it, that is a huge benefit for any homeowner.

     This system also fits into the going green movement, as you will have a reduction in your electricity use, so not only are you feeling good when you get out of the shower from the soft water, but you can also feel that your leaving your green footprint on earth as well.

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